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Our business

Why LeasePlan

To stay focused on maintaining our leading position we apply our experience and expertise to partner with our clients for the best solutions. We use our international presence and thorough knowledge of local markets to continuously invest in improving our client proposition and service. Furthermore, we strive to: 

Be the pro-active service excellence partner for our clients
We want to be our clients’ preferred long-term partner and we recognise that it is our employees who make the difference in delivering service excellence. We do this by constantly anticipating the best interests of our clients, providing expert advice and adding value in every situation, always in a clear and transparent way. 

Deliver on our client promise 'It’s easier to leaseplan'
The quality of our services and the way our employees support our clients in achieving their business objectives, underline our client promise that 'It’s easier to leaseplan'. It is developed around making it easier to deal with us. In order to further engage our 6,000 employees our worldwide engagement programme helps them to identify business and service improvement areas. 

Maintain and improve client satisfaction
To better understand the strengths that create satisfaction among our clients as well as the areas of service we need to improve, we have jointly developed a global programme to measure client satisfaction and loyalty with the external survey provider TNS. So far, results show that over 80% of fleet managers and drivers worldwide are satisfied with the service we provide. When asked about the major components that make up our client promise, 86% of fleet managers say they find it easier dealing with us when it comes to using our products and services.

LeasePlan worldwide operations

LeasePlan's worldwide presence offers both global solutions and local expertise

Our worldwide operations